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About Cbc Costumes, Cheap Starwar, Superhero Costumes in New York | CBC-Costumes.com

CBC-Costumes.com began during a period of instability in August 2008. We knew that as difficult as that time was, we wanted to start something that was ours, no matter what setbacks life throws at us. My husband and I love anything related to the comic world and wanted to open a business that helps to share that passion. With our goal to bring comic book and pop culture to the masses via a wide selection of products, including items from the world of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and Harry Potter (just to name a few), we ventured into catering to those who relate to the nerd and geek lifestyle and mindset. The products we sell are authentic and of the highest quality.

We are also a proud gay owned and operated business and we welcome all who fit the category of Fun!


We know that without “you” there wouldn’t be an “us”, so thank you for checking us out. We look forward to carrying on our seven year tradition. If you’re new to our website, we hope you’ll try us out to see all the wonderful products we have to offer that, simply put, just make life more fun. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? Of course, we know you want to find the perfect costume or just the right accessory or collectible. That’s why we’ve designed our site with easy-to-navigate pages that use the smartest and latest technology to get you where you need to go fast!